Get More Money


If you are short paying for items you need, like invoices, rent, medical expenses, repairs, etc. this spell can help generate the money. It works best when done on a Sunday on a clear morning.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 yellow candles frankincense incense 1 one dollar bill zest from an orange, lime or lemon

Casting Directions for ‘Get More Money’

1. Cast your magic circle. It should contain a pentagram with the spirit point facing north.

2. Place the three yellow candles on the fire, earth and spirit points of your pentagram and light them in a clockwise motion.

3. Light the incense.

4. Pass the one dollar bill through the incense smoke, then put it at the middle of your pentagram.

5. Visualize your goal. Imagine the bill in front of you multiplying into tall piles. Picture spending the money on things you need, and prudently investing what you do not.

6. Sprinkle the orange, lime or lemon zest in a clockwise turning over the 1 dollar bill. As you do, recite the following incantation:

Sun in the east
if it be your will
Multiply now
This one dollar bill

With help for many
And harm to none
On this sunny morning
Let my will be done

7. Close your magical circle.

8. Snuff out the candles in a clockwise rotation.


Maintain the dollar bill in your wallet for a complete week. It may be helpful to mark it with a pencil in the very upper right corner simply to make certain you can distinguish it from the rest.

After the week is up, think carefully about what you use it to help purchase. Things of necessity or practical use will reinforce your karma, and for that reason the potency of the spell; items that are less practical may diminish your karma.

You can expect money to come easier and in bigger quantities within three days of casting the spell. If the dollar used in the ritual is lost or spent before the week is up, the spell’s effect will wear off immediately.

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