Star Spell of Abundance


To bring abundance

You will need the following items for this spell:

Magick Ink Ylang Ylang Incense Silver Candle Gold Candle

Casting Instructions for ‘Star Spell of Abundance’

After setting up your altar as you desire, invoke your pantheons gods of abundance, such as Dionysus, Plutos and/or Tyche. (Never invoke a god that isn’t of your religion)

When done with opening prayers and offerings, sit quietly for a minute and feel a gold and silver energy surround you. Give this as much time as you need.

Light both candles. With each one you speak the following:

“Silver and gold beautiful and bold.
From the power of _________,
In this candle allow abundance behold”

Now take up the parchment and with plume in hand gradually draw a star on the parchment. As you do project silver and gold energy of prosperity through the pen and to the ink and only the newspaper, thus enabling the star. Do this a total of 4 times.

After the 4th star is draw, set the plume down. Now hold your hands over the paper and send it energy that is more abundant. As the 9 times are said by you:

“Powers of my lord/lady ____________, Abundance be.
Power the forces of fire, land, sea and air.
I ask this spell to bring prosperity forth,
With the grace of the gods, set me debt free.”

Now fold up the paper nice and tight and hold it in your hand. Speak yet another prayer to your divinity of prosperity.

Now put the foldered parchment between the two candles and leave it there. Allow the candles go out on their own, don’t blow them out. Following that, pace the parchment someplace safe in your home, where it can’t be observed by others.

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