Sirens Bath


This potion when done correctly will help enhance your powers of attraction by calling on the power of the sirens.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Grind Together
1 White Rose Petals
2 Red Roses Petals
Flower of Adonis
Bay Leaves
Vanilla pod
Crushed Chili
1tsp Geranium Oil
1tsp Rose Oil
3 drops Black Pepper Oil
1tsp Orange Oil
Apple Skins
Grind all of the above together and add to a hot bath
3 Red Candles
2 Blue Candles
1 White Candle
Incense of sandalwood rose cinnamon geranium and lemongrass
Mirror to gaze in
Rose and Clear Quartz

Casting Instructions for ‘Sirens Bath’

On the night of the waxing moon preferably a Friday run a hot bath and add the grinded ingredients. Burn the incense and light the candles gaze into the mirror and chant:

From across the seas in ancient land I call upon the sirens hand. Give me the beauty of your kind so powerful attraction is mine to bind. Conjure the seas and air above so I bathe in lust and magical love. Grant me the power of thee as I will it so shall it be.

Bathe in the water with the clear quartz and allow it to absorb your imperfections and flaws then take the rose quartz and allow it to amplify your beauty bathe in the water. When you let it out allow it to take your flaws carry the rose quartz and rub it when you need to boost your power of attraction while saying:

Power of sirens come to me, power of sirens hail be.

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