Send a Message


A simple and quick spell to send a message to anyone near or far. It must be done at night.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A piece of paper
One white quartz crystal

Casting Instructions for ‘Send a Message’

Use the quartz to write your message onto the blank paper. Put your message in quotations. Write the persons full name underneath with the quartz and then circle it three times. Hold the quartz in your hand and while concentrating, chant this aloud until it feels warm:

I plead, I plead with all of my might. May this message send to (receivers name) tonight!

Once the crystal is warm, you are ready to cast it. Place it by the windowsill in the moonlight to cast it and it should be sent by the time you wake up. Your energy just charged the crystal which wrote the message, by putting it in the moonlight, the message will travel using your energy.

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  1. I finally now know. How the fingers and thoughts hear and create. After years of observing now certain people are destructing me. Ive gathered all info to prove this so.


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