Steal Someone’s Heart


If you desire someone, but they don’t desire you back (or are otherwise unavailable), use this spell to ignite the spark.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 red candle
2 black candles
1 incense
1 black cloth
1 personal possession from the target
Black string
1 inverted pentagram

Casting Instructions for ‘Steal Someone’s Heart’

Carve the name of your target on the red candle. Cast your magic circle. It should contain an inverted pentagram with the spirit point facing south. Light the incense.

Place the two black candles on the fire and water points of your pentagram. Then, wrap your black cloth around the base of the red candle and light it. Use the flame from your red candle to light the two other candles; be sure to do so in a counter-clockwise (right to left) rotation. Then, place the red candle across from you on the opposite side of the circle, with the name of your target facing you. Smooth the black cloth over the center of your pentagram. Pass the personal possession from your target through the incense smoke, then place it on the black cloth. Envision your target and all of the attributes you find most desirable about them. Think lustful thoughts of the two of you together. If the target is in a relationship with someone else, imagine your target breaking away from them to be with you. Fold the black cloth over the personal possession. Tie three knots in the black string from right to left, then tie it around the black cloth until it is bundled shut. Raise your power hand over the bundle. Make a small incision in your fingertip with your boline. Gently squeeze the corners of the incision to generate a drop of blood. Anoint the bundle with three droplets of your blood. As you do, recite the following incantation: The pain of this wound Shall reflect unto thee And the love borne of it Shall come unto me As I will it, so mote it be Close your magic circle. Snuff out your candles in a counter-clockwise rotation. Place the bundle and the candle remainders someplace youll see it once or twice a day, like a dresser drawer or a medicine cabinet. For the next full calendar week, every time you see the bundle, touch it with your power hand and observe a moment of silence to visualize your target. After a week, hide it someplace safe. If the bundle is discovered by the target, destroyed, or lost, the effect will wear off.

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