Shifting Methods and Help


To help those who want help with shifting.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Yourself Having done a spell to be another thing/be a natural-born shapeshifter

Casting Directions for ‘Shifting Help and Techniques’

There are a few types of shifts, to start off. Whilst others have their own sub-types, many have these four:
Fantasy, Phantom, Mental, and finally, the physical change.

The Fantasy Shift is essentially doing a charm, visualising the form you aspire to get, or drawing it out. This is the simplest shift to accomplish.

The Phantom Shift is somewhat harder, it is feeling like you’ve got the limbs/wings/horns, ect when you don’t yet. It may be done by telling yourself ‘I have a [Part]’ over and over again until you can feel it and move it. Easy to accomplish, difficult to master.

The Emotional Shift is one of the more difficult shifts. You put yourself in the mind of the creature, forgetting human notions and letting go of human impulses and take on the creature, and only the animal. Don’t look at the animal, look THROUGH the creature. This is a slightly dangerous shift, as it is possible to loose your human mind in it. In a strong M-shift, you might still have some (very few) human thoughts, maybe a word or two at a time.

The Physical Shift is the hardest of the shifts. By the time most people could physically shift, a few do not think they could do it, but it WILL! NEVER focus on the thought that it’s not real, concentrate on the fact that it’s! It has never been documented since, geez, would you want someone filming you as you shift? Probably not.
To do this shift, you want an M-shift first, then gradually visualise your body changing, growing, shrinking, whatever you will need to do. After a time, you will feel it. For your first shift, go slow. Once you get your whole body done, visualise yourself opening your eyes but DON’T ACTAULLY OPEN THEM! Change them on your visualisation, then open your eyes. If you have shifted, make certain to change back, because if you’re on your form the first time for more than 30mins, you might never return! To shift back, just imagine from the animal to human, which should be easier.

If you get to the area where you are able to physically change, please message me and I can help you get your own method or discovering that one works best for you and your animal.

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