Shifting Method


This is not a spell but in making in something, a method you are not.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Paper Pen Mirror

Casting Directions for ‘Shifting Method’

Shifting Method
This approach is divided into three parts.

Fantasy Shifting

Mind Shifting

Physical Shifting

So first to begin doing this I would recommend you to have a very experience in meditation and relaxation, so if you’re still not able to get this requirements and unable to answer, you won’t ever be able have success.

Do you know how to astral project?

Do you have always lucid dreams?

Do you meditate, atleast once at day?

When You meditate, do you feel no hassle?

Fantasy Shifting
The Fantasy Shifting is you’ll need to like draw your (what you wish to become) so be creative. Not only a draw, but writing a script of your entire character. And second, every day, for those who have a mirror, stick a paper and write I Want To Become (Who you want) and read it every morning, after lunch, and before sleeping.

Mind Shifting
The Mind Shifting is like a kind of guided meditation. So if you did astral project with meditation, you need to know what Im talking about. You’ll need to create it by your own, so the full meditation may need to be atleast 50 minutes or even longer. You want to bring the beats that are binatural.

And add your recorded voice, you will need to talk about like saying relax your whole body and imagine a white light, that filters out of your nostrils, every breath, will bring the white light inside you, now imagine the white light getting into your whole body feel the touch, into your mind, your arms, your hands, your legs, your feets, your eyes
You will feel them heavy
Physical Shifting
The Physical Shifting is when you will learn how to shift from the Mind Shifting.

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