Symbol Mermaid


A mermaid spell, using a symbol.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A logo* Salt A pool or tub, rather filled with salty water A bowl of salt-water

Casting Instructions for ‘Symbol Mermaid’

*Choose a symbol that won’t respond to water, and choose something that you don’t wear daily. Pick something with symbols that you’re attracted to, and symbols using a mermaid theme. It should be a necklace.

Soak the symbol in the bowl. Rub salt into your thighs, drink two sips of saltwater, and rub salt on your neck where the gills will go. Put on your emblem. Chant:

When my symbol hangs around my neck,
And my legs are soaked to the bone,
Scales of (color) will painlessly grow,
As I grow the tail of a fish,
And I become a mermaid.

When my tail is grown,
Gills will open on my neck,
But my lungs Won’t disappear,
And I will breathe both water and air,
And the water will taste like a breath of fresh mountain air.
My clothes will become scales,
My eyes Won’t feel the water,
And water Won’t sting my nose,
And I’ll swim effortlessly,
My tail propelling me through deep water.

When my tail dries,
I’ll become human again,
And if I remove my symbol,
My tail and gills Won’t appear,
Even if I touch water.

My change is dependent on my symbol,
And if it is around my neck, I change in water,
And if it is not, I remain human,
Until I put it on in water,
And eliminating it turns me.

If my emblem breaks,
I’ll Be stuck in the form I’m in as it does,
And if I cannot find it, I cannot change,
Even if I find the exact same necklace,
Even if I repeat the spell.

I promise to keep my tail a secret,
I promise to never tell a human,
I promise to remove my symbol when around humans and water,
I promise to be very cautious,
And I promise most of all to maintain my symbol very safe.

Now get in the bath and lie there. Imagine your tail, imagine changing back and forth, and imagine swimming as a mermaid. Imagine sitting fully clothed in a bath, your clothing becoming scales, your whole body covered in scales. Imagine getting out, removing the symbol, and being human again. Try to feel the shift. Feel the gentle pins and needles of scales forming. Feel your legs fusing into a solid mass. Feel your gills. Breathe, and taste the water.

Maintain your emblem on until you become a mermaid when your legs touch water. Prevent water touching your thighs in the meantime, and check every night if your tail is completed, then you can wear and eliminate your symbol as you please

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