Shh, Listen


Have you ever had something happen that you saw before, and could have shifted had you have listened to a gut/inner voice? This spell can allow you to hear and connect to your inner awareness.

You will need the following items for this spell:

White candle Orange candle Pink candle Purple candle Bay leaf or parchment with writing utensil Burn proof container/cauldron Small jar Almonds

Casting Directions for ‘Shh, Listen’

Find your place of quiet. Set up your items and try not to consider it. If using almonds, and you are on a clean surface, gently toss them and see where they fall in relation to the other objects. Light the incense and trail a circle around you. This does not need casting a circle fully, only a small clearing of negativity and promoting positive energy is going to do.

Light the candles in the order listed regardless of placement when pausing to reflect on what they stand for, and what each means to you. Why do they imply this? What would you think they stood for, if you did not know anything about them? Collect the almonds from the tossed position. Place them individually where your hand plops them without thinking of it. Take your bay leaf or parchment and compose your intention. I suggest keeping it clear, raw, no frills.
Place parchment on your lap and hold the almonds. Say the following using a clear voice as many times as necessary.
I admit to you, my mom
The Universe hears it now
I have not been listening
My filter did not allow.
This is my fault and
I shall change my way
Because every time I Don’t listen
It comes back, then I need to pay.
Only for my help do they come
So I welcome with open arms
Then silence the negative voice
That springs the dont hear alarm.
I am in control and
Destroy the barrier between
Me, myself, and I
Truth comes clean.
I am everything and nothing
Physical and no
Now we will form friendship
Forged from within shall grow
I trust you with my life
Though know I live here and beyond
I’m sorry I silenced you before
Now we will get along.
Thank you for always being there
From then to now and tomorrow
Seen through every smile
Euphoria to sorrow.
We meld, you and I
Though deeper than before
Anytime I sense you
I will know for certain.
Take a moment to feel your inner selves. Call them. Speak to them with your thoughts, or out loud if it feels better. Do not worry about the sometimes silliness associated with talking to yourself, you cannot think without marginally speaking to yourself. Do they have a name, or no? What are their distinct personalities? What senses are engaged when they speak/feel to you?
Take the leaf/parchment and recite the words. Burn with the pink candle, symbolizing a bridge of friendship and communication between you yourself and you’re. Place into small bottle or container, better if apparent but a box where you could look at the ashes worked best for me, you alter how you see fit. Hold the bottle to your solar plexus. Think about the times you did and did not listen and the outcome. How will this change? Keep the ashes upon your alter, windowsill, desk. . wherever feels best. Look to it when you will need to. Hold it and think again of future and past communication.

Take the almonds and pass them based on the size of the candle, a safe distance to stay edible from each flame. Let them absorb the energy radiating from every. Gobble one at a time. Consider the connections. The leaf of this plant relates to what part of your body? The roots? Feel the nourishment nugget travel within your body. When all is done, thank the elementals and some other beings if you called any. Extinguish flame. Let the incense continue to burn to complete.

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