Shadow Magic


To control your shadow.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A Semi Dark Room Meditation You Must also Study Into Shadow Magic Practice

Casting Instructions for ‘Shadow Magic’

A spell that lets you Control the Shadows.
(Shadow Magik has been a profession of mine along with Fire magik, It takes several years to profect Shadow Magik if you would like to find out more about it and Its Origins then you may find it somewhere. If you cannot then Write me and I will help you But this is Beginners spell, Something to Pratice with, and do understand that in case the spell does not work keep trying. Also Understand that To be able to perform any spell of any sort like the laws state, Know Thyself. Understand and Know Thyself that in which you choose to Practice. Because in case you do not fully understand something then It will not work. . .Understand and Embrace the Shadows, For they just like you and a being, They might not breath or feed or eat but nevertheless they still have personalities of there own. Respect them and they shall Respect you.) As you sit in the center of the Room Meditate, Close your eyes and allow the darkness of your soul come forth, Understand your shadow is yourself, However to fully comprehend Shadow magik you need to know that Shadow Magik is not easy, The Shadow that’s Cast by you Isn’t yourself, It is an Imitation of you, The Darker and More Evil side, The Darkness, The despise, Everything dim about you is inside your shadow. Light a Black Candle As you meditate speak these words.

I call upon the Shadows that surround me Night and Day, I call upon the Darkness that resides inside of me, The shadow of me and the Shadow that be, The Darkness that remains inside of me..Come forth I ask of thee.

If you have done this right then the Candle will flicker, Meditate and Imagaine Your shadow not only being you but being a part of you, Imagaine your shadow as if it were a solid being. Place anything you desire upon a table and shut your eyes, Meditate once again and watch your shadow on the wall after you’re relaxed, While having some thing placed upon the Table move your shadow hand ( The Shadow of your hand.) Behind the ( Item Vase Ect.) And Imagaine your shadow Sound as soon as you have done so, Push the Object with your shadow not your hands, If you can Succeed in this Write email to me and I will teach you more. Additionally PS: Later I shall post the Shadow of Death Spell Later on.

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  1. So with DMT I became my shadow and was able to run around and play until the chemical began to wear off then I can back to myself. But I am very intrigued by shadow magic now and am a practicing magician learning huna in Hawaii. Perhaps you could help me learn the next level for I feel that shape shifting may be part of shadow magic and I am capable of harnessing my shadow and escaping with it.

  2. Ive been trying to do some research on shadow magic and I cannot find anything, id love to learn more somethings calling me towards it , please help this novice witch 🙂


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