Seth’s Revenge


Seth god of discord/chaos will be leading the charm but if you want throw havoc in your enemy(s) this is an excellent one.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 red candle
1 black candle
Candle holder

Casting Directions for ‘Seth’s Revenge’

Place candles in the candle holders. Separate each one so you have room now step on theline between them (make sure the sting is taped or in some way held). Visualize a door ancient and sandy make it look Egyptian like

Say Seth god of discord ruler of chaos! I open the doors to your domain! Watch the doors open youll feel wind sand and blow directly behind its tail you may also find a dog. Do not let it domante you its a minon of Seth to see whether it worthy of you. Do not harm it with chaos there is order Seth could easily say no and curse you rather.

Tell the Dog if any appear to stay and that you’re strong and wish to speak with Seth. The dog will leave and out will come Seth with reddish sand blowing tell him what you want but ask for him and you to become one. Though before that ask him to bless the string so you can undo the spell if you want/need

Keep standing on that string/line feel his power flow through you. You should feel scattered but in 1 place that is because there’s order in chaos. Then pay attention to your enemy(ies) feel the energy and wind swirl aster and faster till its about to SNAP! A second before that send that dust storm out there to the enemy see it consume them

After all is done release yourself from Seth any way you want but be respectful. See Seth return through the door but bow as he departs see the doors closes and varnishes. Close the ritual snuff the candles and keep the string so that you can undo your spell if necessary.

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