Neko (Revenge)


I turned my friend into a neko! He says sorry to me anyway and I use the opposite spell!

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 Red Ribbons
3 Black Candles
A cat fur (as him/her ear colour)
A cat fur (as him/her tail colour)
A Gold Ribbon
A milk with a fish inside
An image of your enemy

Casting Directions for ‘Neko (Revenge)’

Sit cross-legged. Place the picture on the ground in front of you. Place one red ribbon and one gold ribbon over it and say : Goddess of Cat and Neko! Let me take control! This way (enemys title) will become, a neko (enemys title) will be! This red ribbon of neko (enemys title) will be. Gold ribbon of adorable for (enemys title)! Neko (enemys title) will be! So mote it be!

Now wear the red ribbon on your neck and hair. Put 3 black candles in front of you. Put the milk with fish inside of black candles triangle. Place the fur of a cat and the fur of a cat inside the milk. Visualise your enemys changing into the neko

Drink the milk but (the hard step is) dont drink the two furs and fish! Wait until the black candles turned away. And before 3 hours, visit your enemys bed and set the fur above his/her nose! Make sure its night and the enemys sleeping The opposite spell (Not always worked) : Goddess of Cat and Neko! Allow me to take control! Neko, oh Neko of you, Oh neko (enemys name). I will turn you back to be a human (enemys name)! Neko you’ll be if you make me mad again! Im avenged because youre neko for (how many days)! Im only say, Neko, neko, change (enemys title and you will be a neko again! So mote it be!

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