Selling Your Soul


This is a warning: I don’t suggest Attempting this Spell NOT for the Faint of Heart!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your Blood
Magick Abilities
A Mirror
candle Black and/or red
Evil Hatred although in Your Heart will do
A Want For Something Badly enough to Sell Your Soul
Not Required but proposed a Friend a Very Close Friend to Help if Items or ANYTHING goes Wrong

Casting Instructions for ‘Selling Your Soul’

Take Your Mirror Draw a Pentagram on it On Your Blood. Now Say This:

Fac te accerso adhibeo Fuscus sibi ad Satan.

If you can’t pronounce this correctly here it’s the way it should sound.

Fa-k d-ay a-cheer-so ad-eebl-oe f-oosk-oos sib-ee advertisement saw-tan.

Wait 5 minutes close your eyes Focus all of the Hatred and Grief to the Mirror. Say:

Satan I Summon You To Take My Soul For My Mortal wants.

Your Eyes in case the candles are swirling around and flickering Satan is present but he might reveal Himself at that point. If not the blood should be gone or smeared or draining off the mirror like its water. Then the candles should be absolutely still tell Satan what you want if the candles flicker upon your requests it is agreed if it does not flicker upon your requests then it is a no. If you hear or feel anything around you from your room or other rooms Do not be afraid to leave the home immedeatly. This is where your buddy comes into play inform your friend a code you have to be at least 5 Miles away from where you’re performing this. Whenever your Friend knows the code you will go to your spot in which you intend to sell your soul. If you dont have a buddy better hope the doors are not stuck because 50% just someone on the outside can open the door. Do not try this ritual nearor around your house when you do so you may not have the ability to close the portal only experienced practitioners of Black Magick should even think about attempting This! Results May Very. Warning: Do not *Stress *Scream *Be Rude *Or Show any emotions during the summoning except hate Disclaimer: I am in no part Responsible for the out come of the Spell/Ritual I am not Responsible for any *Injuries *Deaths *Possessions *oppressions *Or Any Sort Of Outcome If you go through with this it can not be reversed and I in nopart take responsibility for you losing your soul and being damned to rot in hell. 18 you ought to be of those ages 18 or older to try this and I am not responsible if any minors geta hold of the Spell/Ritual Do this at your own risks. (c). This ritual is property of me unknown555 I’m the creator of the spell and am in no way responsible or liable by law to take any obligations. Others may try this at their own Demise/Gain.

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