Horoscopes for Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

A number of unusual experiences will stretch your mind and maybe even change the way you look at the world. What you need to accept is that each and every one of these experiences is beneficial for you and – through you – for other people too.


If you are too free and easy with money today you may regret it later on when there is something you want to buy or invest in but no longer have the ready cash. Are you spending so much because you need to, or because you are bored?


A brilliant Sun-Jupiter link makes this one of the best days of the year for you, so make the most of it. Put a name to your dream and then go after it with every bit of passion you possess. Don’t aim to be good – aim to be great.


The message of the stars for you today Aries is that the higher you aim the more you will achieve. There is no limit to what you can accomplish now, so believe in yourself and make “impossible” things happen. Remember: success begins in the mind.


What happens today and tomorrow will open your eyes to new possibilities. Sometimes your horizons can be a little too limited but a brilliant Sun-Jupiter link will expand both your awareness and your ambition. Don’t over-think it – just do it.


The most important thing today is that you play by the rules. If you try to cut corners or get an advantage in some underhand way you will regret it later on when you find yourself on the end of someone else’s negative tactics. You don’t need to cheat.


A marvelous Sun-Jupiter links means if there is something you have wanted to do for such a long time then now is the time to go for it. Steer clear of anything too excessive but don’t deny yourself either. Some dreams can and do come true.


The generous side of your nature will be much in evidence today, which is great, but you will need to temper it with common sense. You don’t have enough money or time or energy to take care of everyone’s needs. Be selective about who you help.


If you make an effort to work more closely with other people today and for the rest of the week there is no limit to what you can accomplish. Get together with those who share your aims and aspirations and together you will change the world!


Try not to get too carried away with your own brilliance over the next few days. Yes, it’s true you are in a class of your own when it comes to creative and artistic ideas but if you push the envelope too far you could end up in detention!


The Sun in Pisces makes a perfect link to Jupiter in your birth sign today, so one way or another you will benefit both from your own efforts and from the efforts of other people. Enjoy your good fortune – at some point in the past you earned it.


You may not be overly expressive by nature but you still feel deeply about what goes on in the world. Your task now is to take those feelings and find ways to help friends and family members who may not be as emotionally balanced as you.


The pace of life has picked up considerably and you are getting close to the point where you will need to slow down a bit. That point won’t come today though as unexpected (but welcome) events set you off on another emotional roller coaster.

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