Devour a Victim’s Soul


This curse allows powerful spell casters to devour the spirit of a victim, completely draining their magical potential. The effects may be temporary or permanent, depending on how vulnerable the victim is to psychic attack.

You may need the following items for this spell:

2 black candles
Dragon’s blood incense
7 bones from an animal
A personal possession in the victim
Black cloth
Black twine

Casting Directions for ‘Devour a Victim’s Soul’

Carve your victim’s title on one of the candles. Cast your magic circle. It must contain an inverted pentagram with the soul point facing south. Light the incense. Place the black candle with no victims name on it on the fire point of your own sanity. Wrap your black cloth around the bottom of the black candle with the victims name on it and light it. Use it to light the other candle. Then, place it across from you on the other side of the circle, with the name of your victim facing you. Smooth the black cloth over the middle of your pentagram. Pass the personal possession from your victim through the incense smoke, then put it on e black fabric. Envision your victim. Imagine their soul being wrenched from their physical body through their brow and crown chakras. Visualize all the color draining from them and take pleasure in the notion of them being reduced to a soulless husk. Begin. Scatter 1 bone at a time in accord with the following incantation: Ashes to ashes Dust to dust I scatter these bones with hate and disgust From eternal fires burning out of control I open my jaws and swallow your soul This horrible fate you can’t foresee As I will it, so mote it be Fold the black cloth over the private possession and scattered bones. Tie three knots at the black string from right to left, then tie it around the black cloth until it’s bundled shut. Close your magic circle. Snuff out your candles in a counter-clockwise rotation. Take the bundle and the remainder of the black candle with the victims name on it in character where it wont be discovered by cover of night. Light the remainder of the candle (if possible) and put it somewhere close, being careful to avoid starting a fire. Destroy the bundle. Crush it under your foot; light it on fire; smash it with a rock; weigh it down with a rock and drop it in a lake. Whatever method of disposal you choose, pour the full force of your anger into it. Snuff out the candle and then bury it.


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