Sahia Earth Manifestations


This is the invocation for Sahia and with it she’s bound solely to you the sorcerer. She will be enslaved by your power over her and it will drive her to madness. She longs to become the flesh, but to do so would require many to perish in the offerings made by the world she will manifest upon. This is the Earth Manifestation ritual to have Sahia take her offerings with the ground beneath their feet. This ritual will manifest as destruction solely by earth.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 wooden altar 1 altar bowl two pages folded twice over 4 white candles 1 small red candle 1 small yellow candle 1 small green candle 1 small blue candle 1 athame 1 blossom

Casting Instructions for ‘Sahia Earth Manifestations’

(1) The altar must face north. Put the altar bowl on the middle of the altar. Place the yellow candle behind the altar bowl. The red candle goes in the front of the altar bowl. Place the blue candle to the left and the green candle on the right side of the altar bowl. Put the athame on the right side of the altar. Place the white candles in the quarters around the ritual circle. Have a stool useful. Now it is time to step into the circle.
(2) Stand tall and hold the athame high. Visualize the energy of the cosmos striking the athame and moving into your body, charging you up. Fill yourself with this energy and hold it inside yourself.
(3) Lower your arm so that the athame is pointing straight. Speak the line of incantation and draw in the energy of the element in that direction and light the candle on the altar in the exact same way to the altar bowl. Turn clockwise to another direction, do the same thing until you are back facing north.
(4) Sit on the stool; close your eyes and just quiet your mind and allow your thoughts to go without paying attention to any one of them. Open your eyes and make the request for protection and once more quiet your mind and allow yourself to feel the presence of your guides and protectors.
(5) Stand and face the corresponding walls when you call the seals. Hold the athame over your chest with your right hand. The blade should be pointing up. As soon as you feel their presence, it’s time to light the candles around the circle, starting with the north moving east, west and south.
(6) Write Sahia on the last offering and seal it with the wax of the right candle on your altar.
(7) Open your heart and soul to this demon and be jumped to her until you complete or fail this ritual. You are permitted to control this demon to your heart’s content, but beware, once she’s either resurrected or you release her in collapse, she will quickly kill you.
(8) Now you will open your heart for her into your spirit and now it is time to work with her to destroy as much as possible through the first element.
(9) Allow the energy left over return to their sources.
(10) In the opposite manner with the athame, you finally return the energy you have left over and put the candles out in the reverse order in which they had been lit.
(11) Burn the Azahran’s Awakening. Now that the curse is finished, now you can leave the magic circle. Wait until the next morning to clean up the materials and put the tools away. Do not burn the last offering, until you resurrect Sahia and set her free on earth.

(2) Hear my voice! I call upon the guardians to protect me in glowing white light. From the powers of the elements I shall be safe here.
(3) Earth! I ask for your strength! Wind! I ask for your wisdom! Fire! I ask for your vitality! Water! I request your tenacity!
(4) I take of the energy and ask that is it blessed to protect me in my journey into the Unseen Realm. I call down the power of my soul and of the gods who are loving and protective of me to protect my ritual ground, because evil will be summoned here. By the will of the gods and my personal guardians I request that I be secure for all times.
(5) Earth, Element of the North Wall be sealed. Wind, Element of the East Wall be sealed. Fire, Element of the South Wall be sealed. Water, Element of the West Wall be sealed. Character the binding force of the Elements, see the seals put here.
(6) It’s midnight, but day beyond the skies, the Celestial Gates shall be opened and electricity shall be released upon the land! I invoke the Immortal Stars from the power of my name, (your name). The Five Stars; open wide the Celestial Gates and discharge the horde; as flesh clings to bone one to my soul.
(7) I summon you and by the pact made with Shakina I shall command you Sahia Blood Queen. We’re now bound in flesh and soul, till you finally resurrect or I release you in collapse from which I will be at your mercy.
(8) I command the great evil of your soul and it will manifest destruction through the ground beneath the feet of your offerings. Bring death through the stones, shatter the earth and smash their cities and all that was built upon the land. Crush with vengeance; all who believe in lies.
(9) By the power of my authority I open this circle and release the guardians in my command.
(10) Water! I release your electricity from my circle! Fire! I release your power from my circle! Wind! I release your power from my circle! Earth! I release your electricity from my circle!
(11) Hail unto Sahia, my Curse shall be done.

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