Remove a Pyschic Vampire


This is fundamentally a spell you use when you feel or know that you’re having energy or your life .

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 White Candles (To represent God and Goddess in the altar)
Your Favorite Incense
Sea Salt
Rose or Zodiac Oil(If you dont have any and cant get any anywhere, just get some olive oil and bless it)

Casting Instructions for ‘Remove a Pyschic Vampire’

What you need to do:
Your altar should have on the top right hand a white candle representing the god and at the upper left side a white candle to represent the Goddess. In the middle there should be sea salt in a cup or cauldron with boiling warm water the incense should be at the very bottom facing towards you.

Take your oil and anoint each item on you altar. With the candles you want to start at the middle and rub up, and to go down start in the middle and rub down while anointing say these words:
“I ward off any and all negativity, in my home, work, college, and in my daily life, No evil or negativity will enter here.”

After you’ve anointed every thing picture a white light around you when you feel like the white light is over powering picture the white light hovering over your home, work, college, when you feel ready say these words…

“Psychic vampires who lurk in the night
Psychic vampire who attempt to ruin my life,
Destroy no more of what I have achieved,
Destroy no more of what I have received,
Negativity is not welcome
Evil as well isn’t welcome
In me, around me, or around people I love.”

Say this out loud or to yourself but say it enough times so that you feel it’s worked. When you’re done picture the white light around you and your home work school etc.. . And let the white candles and incense
Burn until it goes out by itself.

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