Paint the Mirrors Black


Inspired by a song; this spell is to help you forget about an ex-partner / lover who was abusive, or just a negative presence in your life. You may also use this spell to help yourself move on from a bad relationship. *This spell requires reflection on negative experience(s); if you’re not able to do this for whatever reason, this might not be the best spell for you.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A mirror; a handheld mirror is best for this (i.e. pocket mirror, make-up mirror, etc.); you can easily get one at the dollar store
Black paint and a paint brush
Some fabric to wrap the mirror in (an old t-shirt is fine)
A hammer

Casting Instructions for ‘Paint the Mirrors Black’

Set up your altar / work area by laying down scrap paper or old newspaper and readying your supplies, in addition to any other actions you take before spell work.

Hold the mirror and shut your eyes. Reflect on all of the negative / harmful / abusive things that this individual has done to you. Remember how bad you were made to feel because of the actions, and project all that negativity into the mirror. You can either channel it through your body and arms, and out through your hands, or you could take in deep cleansing breaths, and exhale the negativity out and to the mirror. (If you have another method feel free to use that, just expel these feelings from you and to the mirror.)

Once you’ve removed as much of the negativity from the body as possible, set the mirror back on the paper and paint it. As you apply the paint, say / think / modify the following:

I paint this mirror black to forget you
I hear you in my head
I see you in my dreams
I feel you in my heart
The pain you caused me is no longer
Any influence you once had is no more
The thoughts and feelings are no more
Trapped in the mirror, bound in black
You are gone from my life
And gone you will stay

Once your mirror is completely covered in the black paint, then set it someplace where you won’t see it often to wash (like on top of a cupboard or in a closet, etc.). Once it is completely dry, take it out and wrap it up in the fabric. Proceed with it, and bring the hammer. Place the wrapped-up mirror on solid ground and smash it. Channel any feelings of rage / hatred / etc. you’ve left in regards to this individual or situation into the smashing of the mirror. As you do so, say / believe / modify the following:

As this mirror breaks and shatters
So does your grip on me
I am free of your bonds
Free of your [abuse / lies / manipulation / anything they did to you] No more will you haunt me
No longer will you influence me
You will never Return

Continue the blasting as long as you like. When you’re done, rid yourself of the mirror, either by throwing it out or burying it somewhere away from your dwelling.

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