Black Tide Cleansing Water


Requires much concentration and three day charging period. But is an excellent way of keeping your possessions and self from falling victime to negative forces quickly.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 glass container
1 blank paper
1 black candal
1 lighter
1 writing utensil
(will refer to as pen)

Casting Instructions for ‘Black Tide Cleansing Water’

First: Light the black candal this is to both concentrate your mind and enforce your affinity with its banishing powers it presents. Next: Cut a sheet of paper out that will have the ability to roll up and fit into your preferred glass container. Then: Pick up your pen and plant yourself, focus on the energies both in and around yourself Invision and will your energies in addition to the candal slowly swirling, mixing and moving faster and faster until its become like a raging mass pressurizing, becoming smaller and smaller till its become a single point within your being ready to pop. Now release its pint up powers, flowing through your arm, into your hands and out through your pen tip as a ray of black light. With this, write these words on the paper. This water has blackened energy, This water is powerful, This water will Strip tear and pull away that which is incorrect deemed not to belong. . Eventually: roll the parchment up tightly and seal it with black wax dripped into the top and bottom holes binding on your words into its banishing power. After youve done this slide it into the glass jar of water, it will take three days for the water to be entirely imbued with your will during this time tell the jar once a day for the three. You’re powerful you banish the wrong. On the forth it is possible to use it until the oceans completely gone. To make more youll need new paper and new water, don’t add more to the bottle or re-use same parchment. Enjoy.

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