Powerful Revenge Spell


A spell to cause revenge.

You will need the following items for this spell:

13 Black Candles Belonging of the intended victim Cauldron Pepper Hate Experience with Black Magic

Casting Directions for ‘Powerful Revenge Spell’

Cast a crcle and and set up the 13 candles in a crown on your altar. Sprinkle the pepper around the circle while chanting:

To lock in hate, to lock love, rage I must create, Revenge I must consider.

Light the first candle and then say:

I light thee with just hate in my heart. Only with revenge in mind.
I give thee light to aid my anger into the direction of he/she I despise.

Light another candles one by one and repeat this. Now hold the belonging tightly in both of your hands and visualize the men face, and think of all of the things he/she has done to you. Gather all of the hate and rage you have toward this person and force the energy to the object. When you feel that you have succeeded in doing this, open your eyes and chant three times:

Make (fill in name) see the hurt he/she brings me, make him/her feel the pain I feel.
Remove the hate in my heart, and all the pain he’s attracted me,
Move it towards the more deserving, all he/she has done he/she shall now see,
I will seek my revenge times three.

Run the item through all 13 candles, and then drop it into the cauldron, and stare in the smoke as you chant:

As this burns, your pain shall begin, and all you brought me,
now shall end.

When the object has burnt out close the circle.

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