Blood Wish Potion (Updated)


I highly recommend you don’t use this wish potion for things like people to get hexed or hurt, it’s really likely to backfire as well as the outcome will land on you. Oh and most importantly…

Be careful what you wish for. The effects of this ritual are permanent and can’t be reversed.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Moon Phases: for new beginnings use New Moon, use waning stage to get rid of something, use waxing stage to draw something to you~ Honey~ squeeze about two tsp to sweeten the outcome of the spell (if you’re wishing for a lot) 1 drop of your blood~ (do not use menstrual blood, it is used in only love potions/spells) Water~one or two spoonfuls should be sufficient A mortar and a pestle~ to mix the contents together Belief~an important component that bounds the potion together

Casting Instructions for ‘Blood Wish Potion (Updated)’

I suggest you clean your entire body, meditate for calmness, and ask your deity to bless the ritual to work. .

Step 1: collect your ingredients

Step 2: add water, honey and mix the components together clockwise

Step 3: after doing mixing, take your hands around the mortar and draw energy from yourself (just good and positive energy) and bring it into the mixture. You may think about what you want

Step 4: while bringing energy, say the following incantation
~Wishes all
And wishes one
What I ask for
May it be done
All I wish for
May it please come true
Here is an offering just for you!

Step 5: quickly add a drop of blood to the potion and mix it while still thinking about your wish

Step 6: after done blending, drink all the potion quickly as if the blood will become poisonous as your wish will become toxic also.

-Depending on what you wished for it can come true in hours, days, weeks, or even maybe years… just be patient-

If you attempt this ritual, email me your results~

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