Numerology 7 Love Life


When you have Numerology 7 Love Life, you are mysterious, analytical, and a deep thinker. You’re often unpredictable and super-sexy in the bedroom.

Numerology 7 Love Life-Mysterious & analytical, often unpredictable and super-sexy in the bedroom

It’s as you’re hiding the key to your soul and your lover wants to pull that key to have access to your heart. Often, your lovemaking can start on a more “head-based” level.

As life path 7, you are still learning to connect with your emotions. As you are an excellent researcher, keep examining how to give and receive the best sexual pleasure.

There will be no limit to the intensities of your sexual appeal and deep sexual satisfaction. You need just to mature and find a level of trust with your sexual partner.

Numerology 7 Love Life essential need: To trust your partner and yourself

The opposition: You are not clear about what you want or don’t want the current relationship. Your lover receives those mixed messages.

As a spiritual seeker, life path 7 is and can often find themselves alone in their lives for a certain time. They can choose to be alone or with a partner, as a choice,  not as a punishment.

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Always remember that your Life Path number 7 doesn’t solely define your sex style—your personality profile consists of several other numerological influences. It is always beneficial to dig a little deeper and learn how you engage with all the numbers represented in your chart. To discover what numerology says about your love life and to understand your sexual love style, get your free customized numerology reading.

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