Fairy Potion


You will turn into a fairy in two weeks.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Glitter Cup Water Necklace Spoon Scissors Paper Crayons

Casting Directions for ‘Fairy Potion’

Get a cup and fill it up half way. Put one spoon full of glitter in the water. Take the scissors and cut a small bit of your hair off and place it in the water. Set in the water. Then select the sort of fairy you wish to be: Nature fairy, animal fairy, water fairy,fire fairy,light fairy,wind fairy,enjoy fairy,excellent luck fairy.

Decide on the colour and design of your dress and draw it on a piece of paper. On the back of the paper color and design your own wings. Fold the piece of paper hamburger style twice and put it in the water. Say this 3 times:

Fairy fairy I wish to be a fairy. I wish to fly high in the sky I want to be a – fairy. I will promise to keep this a secret. A secret I can only tell my best of friends. I wish to be a fairy so mote it be

Take the piece of paper out and put it somewhere safe (this paper will hold your guarantee)
11. Take the necklace out and put it on then drink the potion keep the necklace for two hours. After two hours take the necklace off and place it together with the piece of paper (whenever you put this necklace you will turn into a fairy).

Wait two weeks and sleep with the paper under your pillow for 2 weeks. Take the piece of paper and put it in a safe place then set your necklace on and you’ll turn into a fairy.

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