Earthbound Knowledge


This is my first spell upload!This spell can help you become more wise. Whatever knowledge that you desire for will be fed to your own.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Phone/Timer Yourself Candle (Optional, it will help more) (That is it!)

Casting Instructions for ‘Earthbound Knowledge’

Before I began, remember that doing spells requires being at peace of mind. With this spell (and all the other ones on this website) to work, I suggest meditating for at least ten minutes before you perform it, so that way nothing bothers you through this spell.
Also, I’m more of a day person when doing these spells, but because I hear that these spells are mostly done at night with optimal results in the future, I would recommend doing mine at night, too.
Moving on!
1. Find a place where you will find little to no distractions (any public place that’s calm in the day/anywhere silent at home in the night).
2. Establish your meditation timer to at least 10 minutes (any amount you feel the need to meditate, but you have to meditate).
3. Let all the ideas and negative energies inside you’re released.
4. When your time is up, turn off your alarm.
5. Say this in a soft voice:

Let the world and its people, rich and abundant in understanding, share that knowledge with me and help keep it in my memory.

6. You will feel something hot inside your heart for a couple seconds, and then it will go away. From this moment forward, individuals (friends, family, even people you dont understand or least expect) will offer you the most valuable parts of knowledge.
From there, you will be wise, and (if you would like to) you can share that knowledge to the rest of the world.
I created this spell and tested it this morning. 10 minutes of meditation helped cleared my mind, and after saying the incantation I actually felt something warm inside my heart; its a sign it is working, folks! That means itll work for you also!

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