Necromantic Circle


Casting a necromantic circle will allow you to summon forth passing essence and dead spirits. THis is based from the tutorials given to us by Euoi on the BALG Forums.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Your Voice
3 Pennies
2 Nickels
Black Marker
Black candle
This ritual should be performed within a graveyard/cemetery. Be Sure to get permission from the Gatekeeper Spirit of the cemetery. However, I have performed it simply in my ritual space out in the forests.

Casting Directions for ‘Necromantic Circle’

If you are going to execute this in a cemetery, ask the gatekeeper soul for permission and guidance. The gatekeeper is the spirit guardian of the cemetary(every cemetery has one). You do this by knocking on the cemetary gate three times. Call the gatekeeper and tell them of your intentions. Ask for advice(advice to the graves of any spirits that can be of use to you) and offer one nickel.

At this point if you feel anything negative it means the gatekeeper refused you and you must leaveimmediately. If you continue you will probably attract unwanted attention on the astral plane.

If you feel nothing or anything posative, you may continue.

Upon moving into the graveyard you will notice that you just know just where to go. This is the gatekeeper directing you. Once you arrive at the place you have been guided to, proceed with the opening ritual. Light the black candle and set it on a flat surface.

1. Face the west and use the athame to draw a large circle in the air with the athame in front of you(you may utter any mantra whilst doing so to relax you). Turn counter-clockwise to the south while drawing a line over to where you’ll draw another circle like before. Do this all the way around until all four circles are created and connected(obviously you should be facing the west after this step).

2. Now facing the west, with the athame draw an inverted pentagram within the circle previously drawn while vibrating the enn ayer Shecore on ca Hades. Turn to the South while drawing the line connecting the cirlces. The the southern Inverted Pentagram while vibrating Nyanna on ca lirac meso Anubis. Draw the line connecting the cicrls while turning to the East. Draw the eastern inverted pentagram while vibrating Ananna Hecate ayer at. Switch to the North while drawing the line connecting the circles. Draw the northern inverted pentagram when vibrating ayer Shecore on ca Eurynomous.Then draw the line of the circles linking the north to the west. This process ought to be performed three times.

3. Then you should rend the veil. Essentially, you open four death gates linking to the lower astral(realm of the dead). I typically turn to each of those pentagrams and draw a vertical line down with the athame like cutting through something. Then facing the west, whith your physical hand reach out to every pentagram like about to start a curtain. Visualize this curtain in front of you and know that the realm of the dead is beyond it. Open the curtain when vibrating On Na Ca. Turn counter-clockwise and replicate this at every pentagram. You should do this 3 times per pentagram. You’ll know when the gates are available once you feel a cold sensation on your hands.

4. Draw the sigils of Hades, Anubis, Hecate, and Eurynomous on one piece of paper using the marker. You should anoint each sigil with your blood and then burn the piece of paper with the sigils. This is the blood offering to the four spirits.

(This is the opening ritual for any necromancy ritual you are doing. After reading this please go to Death Essence Bane Spell)

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