Messenger of Darkness


A spell to send nightmares to somebody or even lead to death, depending on what you would like to do.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 black candle
1 black napkin
Outside (like in a forest)
Lighter (matches work as well)
Circle (description how to cast a circle is from the instructions)

Casting Directions for ‘Messenger of Darkness’

First, get to a location outside with all the ingredients. Make certain no one can disturb you or interrupt you through this ritual otherwise it won’t work. If you would like to earn this do a death spell, instructions is further down below the first chant. Then you draw a circle in the floor, heres the way to do it: Take up a stick to draw the circle on the ground, make sure its even, a full circle. Then place the candle (a big one) in the middle of the ring and light it. With a concentrated mind and concentrated voice, chant this: Messenger of Darkness, hear my call, messenger of darkness, come to me. Messenger hunt, of darkness thee. (Title) ______, for the injury he’s done, the offense shall be paid punctually. Chant this three times while burning off the black napkin in the flame. When the napkin is fully burned up, snuff out the candle (dont blow cause it can disturb the energy and provide a reversed effect, you might be the victim with this dark spell) then clean up after yourself and wait. Making it to a passing spell: Messenger of Darkness, hear my call, messenger of death, come to me. Messenger hunt, of darkness thee. You shall not return to me before the death is completed, so mote it be. If the spell has worked, it will begin to blow (a wind) and a black crow should fly in the sky over you, otherwise, you may have done something wrong or didnt have enough belief. Be really sure of who you want to send this charm to, be concentrated and unafraid.

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