Love Me or Die


If you need a man to love you and he absolutely refuses, you can goofer him to love you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

His hair
Your hair
A John the Conqueror root
Goofer Dust (or Graveyard Dirt)
Love Me sachet powder
A piece of brown paper
A waterproof ink pen that writes reddish
A waterproof ink pen that writes black
A brand new spool of red sewing thread
A red flannel bag
A pen knife

Casting Directions for ‘Love Me or Die’

On the paper, write his full name 7 times in black ink, then rotate the newspaper and write love me or die over his title 7 times in red ink, crossing it and covering it. Place the paper. Use the pen knife to split a slit-shaped hole in the root and wedge your hair and his hair in there together. Then pack the slit tight with a mix of Goofer Dust and Love Me sachet powder.

Thoroughly wet the written-on paper with your urine and wrap it round the root, pressing and forming it as you would paper mache, to maintain the hairs and powders inside. Although it’s still wet, wrap it up in the red thread, going round and around quite neatly, like a ball of twine, until the paper is completely covered. When you are finished, tie the thread off with seven knots and leave a length of thread to hang it from. You can double or triple the hanging-thread for strength, and finish it with a loop for your finger. Carry the root in a red flannel bag and moisten it with your pee when required. Hold it by its hanging-thread to operate it, swinging it back and forth or around and around toward you while you telephone the mans name, to draw him to you. Get a rhythm going, and say his name, such as this, over and over: First Name, Last Name, love me or die; First Name, Last Name, love me or die; First Name, Last Name, love me or die. You do the man and so will either love you or hell get sick. If he gets sick, dont let up; keep your urine wet on that thing, just keep working with it. Thats how you get him, you weaken him. When he is about completed, you can nurse him back to health. Hes all yours. I recommend that everyone who hates making such a Love Me or Die hand should be ready to correctly dispose of it if it is successful, or you may always have a sickly man in your hands. The making of this love spell is an exercise in working with pairs of opposites: The Love powder is blended with Goofer Dust. The John root is man and you cut a slit-like hole in it to make him powerful and manly. You mix your hair and his hair up together, so he will be as obsessed as you are. You offer him the choice Love me or die. When he gets sick, you nurse him back to health. The entire thing is about mixing opposing pairs — male/female, love/death, sickness/health, him/you — into one wreck. By the way, the specific shape of the mojo hand — a round object wound around with thread or string — is occasionally referred to as a Jack or Jack ball, although my informant did not call it by that name. Most Jacks, hung in their strings, are used for divination, like pendulums, but some are carried in the pocket or in a bag, as a hand.

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