Money Shaker


This is a spell I got from a Silver Ravenwolf book many years ago I put my own spin on :-RRB-

Please don’t use this unless you truly need money for the doctor, school etc

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 tin or jar with lid 1 green candle of any size Olive oil or mint extract (not peppermint) 2-4 little coins of small value like pennies, small Euros etc 1 teaspoon mint 1 tablespoon dried peas 1 tablespoon dried rice 15 whole allspice or 1 tsp ground allspice 5 almonds or 1 tbsp ground 1/2 foot of green yarn, ribbon or string

Casting Directions for ‘Money Shaker’

Take your olive or mint oil and anoint the candle asking (insert your god/goddess here) to bless the candle with abilities of prosperity and good luck.
Secondly, light the candle letting a pool of wax form about 1/2 for votive candle 1 inch for jar candles and just let a taper burn for a couple of minutes.
Third, include your coins, almond, mint, allspice, dried peas and dried rice to your jar and then drip 3 drops of oil in addition to the herbs.
Last, take your ribbon and wrap it around the neck of the jar or whatever you’re using as many times as possible and tie it off with a bow (it Judy appears more attractive this way) And take your candle and CAREFULLY pour the candle wax around the sides of the lid so the wax seals the jar or tin shut completely.
Now your money shaker is ready to make all kinds of noises and rhythms to help money flow in your life. It’s also a great stress reliever of you ask me.
Note:For the spell you must see my other post named Money Shaker spell. This was just an instructional on making your shaker.
Optional: you can draw a pentacle inside of the los until you add the wax or a sigil of some sort that is associated with money.

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