Fortune for Family


This is a charm to bless you and your family with great fortune. For families that are struggling.

You will need the following items for this spell:

4 Candles to represent the elements; Earth, Wind, Fire, Water; and a match to light them 1 kind of money; any value will do Hair from yourself and household members 1 piece of paper Deity where you worship; or just the Gods in general A burial Website

Casting Directions for ‘Fortune for Family’

The first thing you need are candles, one for each component, earth wind fire water. They don’t need to be distinct colors, in case you only have one color then you can engrave them with the name of this element. You will need to surround yourself with them, in the North, South, East and West directions. You will only light them as you acknowledge the components. For instance, if you place the fire candle north of you, you will say, and I light the flame which burns north for me, or the end the blows south for me. Leave it to your instincts to tell you where to put the candles.

You will then require a sliver of hair from each of your family members that you will place before you, and a bit of your own that you will keep separate. If you have any form of money at all, even a penny will suffice, you will need it on your circle also.

Once you have all the candles lit and set up you’ll take the hairs of your loved ones and burn them one time in every candle. As you’re burning them , again, acknowledge the candle in which you are using. For instance, fire in the north, feel my loved ones in your hands, and help them to prosper.

Then you’ll take your hair and burn it just from the candle in front of you, the candle you have selected for the north. You will say “I’m calling to the Gods, the Gods that have created and picked me. I’m calling for help and mercy.” You will wait. You should feel instinct telling you if the Celtics have heard your call. If a few moments have passed and you still do not believe anything, say that last line louder and then follow up with this chant. DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOUR INTUITION TELLS YOU OTHERWISE. The Gods may have something working for you already.
“I declare, with this hair, That I’ve burned in sacrifice,
I will be blessed not twice but thrice, and with my family I really do share.” You will declare this THREE TIMES, becoming louder and with more proclamation each time.

As soon as you have finished you will take the kind of money in your left hand, and offer it to the Gods who have decided to answer you. You will do this by placing it on a sheet of paper and covering it in any ash left over from the burnt hair, and then pouring the wax from every element candle on top of it. You will write in the paper whatever special wish you have, then you’ll fold the paper 4 times and bury it someplace special to you. After the sun has warmed it, and the moon has cooled it, you can unbury it on the second sun and burn it after praying to the Gods.

This is not a quick spell, but it is powerful and effective.

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