Mind Expansion


Straightforward spell/exercise, useful for expanding ones psychological capacities(not IQ) and ones ability in mental multitasking, also fairly useful for long term memory.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Incense stick or scented candle of ones personal choice, to help relax and focus

Casting Instructions for ‘Mind Expansion’

Begin with light incense/candle(if you decided to use them). Take position you feel comfortable and start meditating(Im not going to describe how because if you dont know you’re absolutely NOT prepared for any attempt at spell casting), concentrate on inside as opposite to most other meditations in magic where one concentrates on the outside and try to go as heavy as your abilities will allow without forcing it(deeper you go, easier it will be to complete other steps). Now when you get as deep as possible you should notice that your mind is like a small pearl(at least thats how it looked to me), anyway this measure is fairly straightforward focus your energy because pearl separate a little peace of it(this is going to be seed for next pearl) than begin feeding that seed with your energy until it grows to at least 1/2 of the originals size(you might have to do feeding part multiple times before your new pearl gets stable enough and of acceptable size), last step is connecting the original pearl with the smaller one. * For purpose of connecting you ought to use some kind of organic build(trees are good start) as they are most natural way of connecting parts in one functional unit. ** What must be considered is that this new pearl, this new expansion of ones mind is pretty much empty and no mater the size still young and weak therefor it has to be trained and developed just like any other mind(reading, solving puzzles, analyzing /if you notice that its beginning to develop its own character that isn’t and Echo of yours, cut the connection with it, it ought to disperse in couple days, you don’t want to have split personality), now as it develops it’s going to start to behave as a type of a warehouse or an archive that will keep specific type of memories for easier access in addition to function as support system for psychological processes and extra defense on mental/spiritual and emotional level. *** Feeding process will last for couple of days and final result will actually be just around 1/4 of the originals size. Also you might have to repeat process of making the seed multiple times as first will attempt to reabsorb it into self(good news is that seed will nearly always be noticeable and relatively easy to access and extract).

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