Memory Removal


Dampens specific memories and the emotions that are tied to those memories. Bear in mind, there are somethings we shouldn’t forget, and somethings the universe wont let us forget for our own good.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 pen 1 sheet of paper 1 white candle (symbolises purification, but can be any colour) 1 lighter or match 1 metal or glass bowl (for fire safety) 1 small metal or glass (for fire safety)

Casting Instructions for ‘Memory Removal’

First use the pen (must be a pen, not a pencil as it symbolises permanence), and the paper to write down the memory you would like to remove. Begin at the very beginning, stating the date(s) of which the event happened and those people involved.
Write down the whole memory to as best you can remember. As you’re writing, visualise the event and make it real in your mind again. Next place the candle on the small tray to catch any wax drips and to stabilise it. Light the candle and spend a few minutes breathing deeply and focusing of the memory you want to remove and everything you’ve just written down.
Center yourself. Feel the energy within you. Feel it growing larger and larger until it fills your entire body making everything tingle. Now that you have increased the power to perform the spell, open your eyes and reed the following enabled:
Memories scribed on paper with pencil,
shall be forgotten and never remembered again.
Memory erased through time and space,
For all involved, thoughts of sleep will take its place.
Now fold the paper so its about the size of your hand. This is nothing magical, it simply makes sure all the paper gets burned before the flame goes out. Put the paper into the flame so both the farthest corners out of your hand are alight.
As fire consumes,
The memory is eliminated.
This charm is complete,
And my will.
Put the memory paper into the bowl and watch as the memory is burnt away. If the spell was successful there should be a hell of a lot of smoke as the memory has been affected through both space and time. Not an easy job, hence why I said to raise all that power.
Try not to think about the memory too much over the next 24 hours.If you dont think that the spell was successful, dont try the spell again straight away.

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