Time Loop Curse


This spell will start a time loop that will last from the time the person who you would like to curse wakes up to the time they fall asleep you’ll also be in the loop.

You will need the following items for this particular spell:

1 Bowl of Water 1 Yellow Candle 1 Plate of ground(sand if possible) 1 Jar of air(air they inhabited if possible) 1 Speck of that body(like hair or something which belongs to them or will belong to them like a gift you would like to give them) 1 Thing that measures time(a watch or a metronome, an hour glass,when you’ve got the sand you can have it represent the time)

Casting Directions for ‘Time Loop Curse’

Place the ingredients in a square like so;
underside will hold the water inside you can place the speck(of hair for example)
top left will be the candle and you can light it
bottom left are the plate of ground (sand if possible)in it will hold the thing that steps or represents time(if the plate retains sand then it’s a 2 for one sort of deal)
from the last spot the top right will maintain the jar of air. Keep in mind that the person you wish to curse. And say thees words base on the sex of this person:

From the time (he/she) wakes to meet sunlight;
until the time that sleep comes to take away (his/her) sight;
thats how long time will last;
until (he/she) wakes to fulfill up with the last;
before my will undoes this rhyme;
let just we recall this twist in time;
if by chance this link is broken;
let thees words become unspoken.

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