Make Consecrated Water


Create Consecrated Water For Use In Spells

You may need the following items for this spell:

3 Teaspoons Of Salt
One Glass Bottle With Cork
Boiled Water.

Casting Instructions for ‘Make Consecrated Water’

Sterilise both containers in boiling water for at least 3 minutes.
Boil the water to be consecrated for a minimum of three minutes to kill any bacteria or vegetation which may like to grow in your consecrated water.
While the water is still warm (this will make it much much easier to dissolve the salt), place it in the clear glass container and discover a quiet, private spot in direct sun or the light of the Full Moon (depending on the time of day).
Twist the magick circle, then hold the container in your hands and remove any negativity from it – visualise it glowing with a pure white light as you say: In the name of the Lord and Lady, may all negativity flee from thee. Completely dissolve the salt into the hot/warm water (you may use a clean spoon or merely shake the container) while asking the components and the God and Goddess to bless and purify the water: Powers of Fire/Water/Air/Earth – purify this water and control it with your energy. Repeat the above for each element. Visualise the water glowing with that component’s colour as you talk. I ask the God and Goddess to purify and charge this water – the Lord with the golden light of Your Sun, and the Lady with Your silver moonlight. Visualise the water flowing gold and then silver as you speak. Leave the glass container in direct sunlight and moonlight – for a night and a day (don’t put the lid on tight until it’s out of the sun and cool). After it has sat in the sunlight and in the moonlight, the water is ready for use. Every month you need to make a new batch and tip the old one out on the backyard (not down the drain). Make sure you keep your holy water sealed and in a cool, dark place – perhaps in a colored glass jar in a cool corner of the room or in a cupboard/drawer. Handy hint: if you do not fancy boiling water every month, boil a couple of months’ worth at a time and add a teaspoon of salt to the water because its boiling – so much for purification as to help it keep. Also keep this ‘extra’ water sealed up tight in a cool, dark location.

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