Lucid Dreaming, or Controlling the Realms of Night


This is a fast way to command fantasies, and change nightmares into something YOU control.

You will need the following items for this spell:

An Will

Casting Instructions for ‘Lucid Dreaming, or Controlling the Realms of Night’

For when you want to change the path of a dream:
The most important thing to do in a dream is to gain consciousness. This is not as simple as it sounds, but it is possible to wake up and stay in the dream. All it means is that you get command over your dream-self. I do this automatically anyway as an automatic reflex but at a much lesser extent to everything you need – I begin chanting for protection. Anyway, once you’ve awakened, DO NOT open your eyes. That will obliterate the fantasy. Once you’ve awakened, you can do whatever you want, but I recommend going to a deep meditative state beforehand and producing dream-weapons, for when you just can’t escape. To create a fantasy weapon, you need to be able to at least guess how each section would look or feel, and make it bit by bit. Anyway, after your weapon is created you can summon it at any time – just imagine that you’re holding it.

For when you want to change how a fantasy passed (Temporal mastery):
Summon as much power as possible, and psychically grab the fabric of the dream, hence the need for a strong will. Then, imagine that you’re pulling the fabric of the dream off, and see the passage of dream-time go backwards to the last part of the fantasy you found acceptable. Now you use you will and power to ground the fantasy there. It tires you out though, but at this point you can use the previous technique to change your dream.

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