A Good Night’s Rest


A mix of herbal and meditative practices to help one sleep.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Lavender in any form
Chamomile tea

Casting Instructions for ‘A Good Night’s Rest’

In case you have lavender in a liquid form, dab a small amount of it on your pillow. If your lavender is in a good form, put a small amount on the inside of your pillow so it is where you put your head. Place some water on to boil for your chamomile tea. Do not use sugar when you are a sweet tooth! Sit on your bed in cross-legged or criss-cross position (yes, these are different). Criss-cross is how one sits on a rug. Cross-legged is a formal yoga and meditation position, but since it is hard for some folks, criss-cross is fine. Breathe in and out, feeling the life flow in to as you breath in, and your muscles relax as you breath out. If you having any anxiety and/or nagging thoughts, imagine them as a black smoke that you breath out as you exhale, and imagine a white, luminous, healing smoke that you breath in. As the healing smoke fills your lungs, feel your lungs cleaning what is already pure, making the glow even brighter and warm as it flows through your veins. Think about your self sitting on a large and comfortable tree stump in a warm and sunny woodland area. See the sunlight pour in through the leaves and needles, breathe in he odor of fresh young ferns and moist rich soil. Hear the song birds singing and flittering around in the trees. Continue to sit in your hot woodland setting until the kettle goes off, where you should then finish making your sugarless tea(the sugar will keep you up). Inhale the hot white steam of the tea as you wait for it to cool down. Smell the chamomile, and even when the smell wears off on you eventually, it will still be calming you down. Drink your tea placidly, meditating along the way. Now youve finished your tea and gone to bed, as your lying there, breathe out and in healing yourself with your breath. Feel each muscle separately relaxing, slowly until you are totally relaxed and you feel as if you cannot move, nor want to. Imagine your self on an empty shore, it’s dusk out and comfortably warm. You’re lying in the sand, you can feel every grain shift to match your resting form perfectly. You are near the edge of the beach and you can feel the soft, clear, and warm water flowing back and forth over your feet and calves. If you discover this setting unpleasing, you can change it to anything you want, be sure to enjoy in detail and feel at peace with yourself.

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