How to Make a Amulet


Something I came up with after meditation…

You may need the following items for this spell:

Smooth stone
Bundle of small twigs
Sage/Sandalwood incense
5 white candles
Blessed/Holy water
Cotton filled bowl
Mint Leaves
matches, lighter, etc.. .

Casting Directions for ‘How to Create a Protective Amulet’

Find a smooth stone and a package of thin twigs. Pierce a hole through the rock, and glue the sticks onto it in the shape of a pentacle. Then, find a sea shell and three feathers. Like the stone, make a small hole near the peak of the seashell. String these onto a hemp string, or something organic. You can attach the feathers into the back of the seashell to ensure that they do not disappear. Cast a circle around the amulet and you and burn sage or sage incense to clear the atmosphere. Sandalwood incense works as well.
Point your wand in the amulet. Repeat these words three times,

“Oh mighty earth,
Protect me as your son or daughter.
Oh soaring wind,
I summon thee to my trials.

Through the two,
I’ll become
Safe inside their arms.
None shall cross
The circles I have wrought
To do me hurt.

Oh crashing water,
Save me from the slaughter!
Oh flaming fire,
I am the Sun’s sweet daughter.

Through the two,
I’ll become
Safe in their arms.
None shall cross
The circles I have wrought
To do me hurt.

By three above
And none below,
I protect this,
Demons woe.”

This should keep evil spirits and bad mortals away from you or the thing you put this around. To banish evil away before you bind this to you, of even before you protect the Amulet, do this:
Cast a circle, and burn five white candles in the shape of a pentacle. In the center of this circle, burn either Sage, of Sandalwood incense. Sprinkle holy water in the corners of the room, as well as down, the drains of the space. Put a bowl of cotton in the middle of the room. Point towards this while you chant.
Place Mint leaves around yourself, and say,

“I banish thee Evil ones,
Hearts so corrupt and rotten.

Never come here again,
I send thee into the cotton.

Eliminate your horrid ways,
And maybe you can stay.

However, until your authentic conversion,
This spell shall only slay.

Demons be wary
In this sacred space,

I have many friends here,
With Love and grace.”

Now, take the bowl of cotton outside, and burn it safely. This will banish the evil caught inside.

Now to bind the Amulet to you,
Put the Amulet with something you sleep with, something you eat, and also a picture of yourself. Point your wand at say and the Amulet,

“Like me, you are an (Ares, leo, cancer..etc…)
(Something about your sign: leo: Bright as the sun)
You hold my soul,
Magic as one.
Without me you will end,
Together we’ll rise.
The bubbles will brood,
Unclouding our eyes.
With love and trust,
I bind thee to me,
And as I will,
So mote it be!”

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