Love for Couples


If you want to ‘refresh’, enhance, grow the warmth and love in a relationship you in, there is a ritual, which looks like the rituals of customs.

You may need the following items for this spell:

2 red roses
1 white candle
1 red candle
2 cherries

Casting Directions for ‘Love for Couples’

You can easily do this while youre or if its time – go for a weekend trip. If you live near some other water, or the river, the easiest is, of course. You should be alone there and dont disturb anyone. You need to go to the place with the water – lake sea, but river, because its a moving/running water. This should be done just after the sunset, in an early evening Light the candles and leave them burning, on the river bank (or beach), but not too far in the river, as you flip to the water, take each others hand and step into the water together, each keeping the increased in that other, empty hand. You dont need to go far. Say these words together: Our love is hot like the fire, deep like the river, free like the air, solid as the ground(soil). God/goddess (whatever is your choice), were asking you to bless it, and let’s keep it in our hearts, for the rest of our lives. Then throw the roses into the water – its best if the river flow slowly takes them away, as they float on its surface. Get back to the beach, eat 1 cherry each and, without turning your head throw the kernels in it. Dont look back if you dont have to. Leave, leaving the candles burning, and allow the offers being accepted quietly. Return in sunrise to the very same location, get in the water with your entire body, you are able to swim too… bless the river by blessing it (her), all of its (her)brothers and sisters on the planet. Then thank your goddes for listening to you, and depart. If the candle flame still burns (which will, of course, depend on the size of the candle, and wind, and other variables) – leave them if not – shoot then home, wrap it in a piece of red silk or cotton, and keep it somewhere in your bedroom, especially if you live together, or each can take 1 candle and keep it in their own bedroom. The ritual can be replicated, but don’t come for it until the same time next year.

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