Loki’s Fire


This spell creates a powerful and virtually unstoppable blaze that is strong enough to melt metal and incinerate even the strongest materials. It can burn on water and also spreads itself even. Nonetheless, this is a very difficult spell to negate, and should only be used by masters and with extreme caution.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A voice Red dye Your instrument

Casting Instructions for ‘Loki’s Fire’

1: Form a sacred protective circle around you in the ground using red dye. You don’t want to get struck by this spell, and I suggest that you use as much protection as possible. This spell does create backlash.

2: With your left hand form the hand-sign of the rune Nauthiz/Naudr while you hold your staff together with the other hand.

3: Inscribe around you these Norse runes in a counterclockwise rotation: Chaos, Binding (reversed), Destruction, War, Aesir (reversed), Thorn (reversed). This would be, in terms of the rune names: Kenaz/Kaen, Nauthiz/Naudr (reversed), Hagalaz/Hagall, Tiwaz/Tyr, Ansuz/Os (reversed), Thurisaz/Thuris (reversed). Red dye should be used.

4: Touch the runes in turn with your staff and activate their powers.

5: Talk the incantation aloud: Great Loki, Child of Chaos, I invoke thy name to the cause of destruction. Through these sacred runes I summon forth thy fury, and dispell Muspell’s fires to ravage the Earth. Fly forth and destroy!

6: As you talk the last part of the incantation, slam your team point-first to the Earth and launch the binding rune you’ve been using to control the energies of this spell.

The spell should emnate outwards as a pulse of fire, incinerating all in its path.

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