Fire Ring- Fire Based Spell


This spell enables you to create a ring of fire, either floating or on the ground.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Fire Ring- Fire According Spell’

This is a very common spell for it’s easy and very effective. Within this spell I will also offer several ways to protect yourself from a fire ring at a wizarding duel.
1. Create a ball of flame, grab it between both hands or your mind (which many strong wizards choose to do), and twist it like a rag and small ashes like water droplets will hit the floor.
2. After about the 10th water droplet that hits the ground, take the very thin twirled fire string, (Can be used as whip but several more measures can transform it to be stronger and more sturdy), bend it with your mind (envision it) and now you’ve got a ring. You must be careful with what you envision because it could be dangerous.
3. This specific ring for beginners is supposed to be transferred physically rather than with your mind. It also goes away once used. There are quite a few other fire rings which more experienced wizards can use, but if you’re a beginner, I recommend sticking with this one. If you insist, in the future, I’ll create another fire ring under the title:
Fire Ring:Fire based spell-Expert
4. Two ways you can deflect a fire ring spiraling towards you, (to do this, simply bend it together with your hands as a guide), is utilizing another flame ring to divert it, and possibly even attack your opponent at exactly the exact same time if you use blue fire. (Search up blue flame and apply the same precautions in making a fire ball and ring). Secondly, you could jump through the ring by using a water skin spell and tackle/attack your opponent, all of the while, extinguishing the flame ring. If the next re attack is used on you, have a breeze gush or another atmosphere spell prepared to block their water or tackle attack.

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