Fire Ball- Fire Based Spell


This spell lets you make a fire ball. It requires massive amounts of energy, but after MUCH clinic, you can create several without wasting a breath! There are many different versions, many which are stronger, but this is ideal for beginners.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Energy (VERY important!) A friend Experience with fire

Casting Directions for ‘Fire Ball- Fire Based Spell’

(The reason I included magical fire from the components is as it is quite different and usually used for attacks and defenses rather than warmth. If you wish for warmth, please click my history box to see my first spell on warmth)

1. Sit or stand with your friend. It’s always great to have a friend during practice in case all your energy is taken from you.
2. Next, focus on your hand. Envision it so that every crease and hair on your hand is memorized beneath your eyelids. (This is the part where isn’t always necessary after many months of practice.)
3. Collect the warmth in the tips of your fingers and mutter the following phrases:
Let fire warm my hand
And that of the ice within my opponents land
Let his soul burn despair
As he withers like a leaf
4. The part above can be spoken out loud, in your head, or envisioned in mind: The most frequent choice is envisioning the words for it is faster.
5. This is when your friend comes in handy. All energy and bloods care is focused on the construction heat and shortly will take form. The more energy and belief, the better. If it doesn’t work, don’t panic. Just repeat the verse a couple more times. If you’re a very beginner, I recommend patience. I’ve still not mastered this spell, but after weeks of practice I’ve created two or one.
6. (Optional) To make many, you simply envision as many hands.
If you want six chunks, you have six hands, one an exact copy of the other. It requires no less time but A LOT of energy.
7. Stay safe and have fun!
8. Finally, to take it away, you blow hard unless you’ve already used it, such as; In a duel.

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