Locate and Summon your Spirit Animal


Your spirit animal is your character, your life. If you were an animal, that would be it. Your spirit animal protects you. It’s chosen depending on your traits. To locate your Spirit Animal, run this spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Paper Pen Stuffed animals: fox, wolf, lion, deer, monkey, snake, bear, bird, horse, Water

Casting Directions for ‘Locate and Summon your Spirit Animal’

Take the pen and paper. From the following list, write down one of those traits that you are (tell the truth of it won’t function): smart, caring, adventurous, insecure, fast, friendly, quiet, thoughtful, humble. Make sure to write down just one! Now fold up this paper and hold up the glass of water to sunlight and chant this:

O great Spirit Animal
I am come to by Thy
Greatness for me
In you I see
Best come quick
Show much haste
Into my heart
For you I shall not waste
I bow down to you,
My trait be (insert trait here)
Depend on me
For it is you, Spirit Animal,
That I seek.

Now drink the glass of water. Go back inside. Get all of your stuffed animals and line them up. Place the folded paper in front of them and write on the paper, To My Spirit Animal. Then chant this:

Fox of smarts, it could be
Or the affectionate horse is me
Perhaps the adventurous bear
Or the insecure snake,
The lion of haste
The friendly wolf
Or the deer
The thoughtful monkey,
Who dare not sneer
Maybe the bird
Winning without a word
Who is it?
We shall see…

Now go to sleep, and as you are falling asleep pay attention to your trait. In your fantasy, the animal will show up somewhere (probably near you). The might speak with you, or might not. Keep in Mind the animal. This is your spirit animal.

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