How to Locate Your Spirit Animal


This is more of a way to find out who your spirit animal is. (Not a Spell)

You will need the following items for this spell:

Quiet space

Casting Instructions for ‘How to Locate Your Spirit Animal’

This is more if a method to learn who your soul animal is, not a charm.

Get into a meditative state.
Imagine a location. Here are some examples of what to imagine:
A field / underwater breathing peacefully / in a forrest / beside a river / in an open plain

Once you have decided on where to be, take in everything. Hear the leaves, or end moving. Smell the scent of fresh air, the water, or the scent of the plant/tree. Feel the grass/dirt/water around or under you. Try to see every little detail you can.

In your mind, mentally taste the air and take a breath. Then call out something like that;
“Spirit creature of mine, please reveal yourself and permit me to get to know you. This is my wish to meet you” anything like that works. However, you must always be respectful and say and use your ways like please and thank you. It doesn’t necessarily work for everyone the first time.
You and your soul animal should be able to talk telepathically to one another. Ask him or her easy questions like “how are you?” And ” can you tell me a little bit about yourself? ” .
Make sure you ask them for their name.
As soon as you have completed your session with them, thank them for meeting you and enable them to leave. You can either meet them through meditation or astral projection (if you astral project to meet them, meditate and let them know about that first so they can meet you there).
Not all spirit animals are serious. Some can be playful and fun, but still teach. But it all depends on the animal and their personalities.
It’s nice to contact them at least twice a week. If you don’t, they will feel like you don’t need them anymore, and they’ll probably not meet with you anymore for being so disrespectful.


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