Link your head.


This spell permits you to cast all you are energy in your mind enabling you to open the gate into the forces of the universe.

Do not blame me for some of the consequences . These are your own activities .
So take action by understanding effects will happen .

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 White candle 2 Yellow / Orange candle ( Either one is okay) 1 Grey towel. 3 Metal Candle holders. 1 Black Paper 1 White piece of chalk. Voice.

Casting Instructions for ‘Link your head with the world.’

Place the towel back on the center of the base you’re using.
Grab a candle holder and place the candle to the center.
Grab another two candle holders and place one on each side.
Lay your black paper down and create a pentagram with your white chalk.
Get in a position as if you were going to meditate and concentrate on your white candles
flame. Chant . . : Oh mighty creators of heaven and earth let me see whats hidden
Interior of your thick crust so I shall be able to learn the secrets inside .
So mote it be. As you’ve chanted that 1 time close your eyes with the yellow / orange candle in your mind and enter its flame and you’ll show some unknown secrets. .

This spell functions with full moons and Half Moons .
Suggest > Be a Dark Witch / Wizard / Spell caster as doing so.
If you focus to much you may forget what happens
If you do not focus enough you might not be able to see anything but a Green or Yellow orb.
Some consequences . Headaches Dizziness ( IF PERFORMED
Wrong curse may happen it is not a very strong curse so a white magic
Performer can break the spell.
Confidence is also brought by this charm.
Plus it gives you the power to see within the earth.
I perform this when I want to blow off steam or when I am practicing spells.

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