Multi-Candle Lychnomancy Divination


This is a amazing divination, and our combined energies will make it even more effective, and the results easier to interpret.

You can do this as many times as you wish in an hours time, for as many diverse questions as you can fit in.

You will need the following items for this spell:

An altar 3 candles (any type of color) Loud voice

Casting Instructions for ‘Multi-Candle Lychnomancy Divination’

Multi-Candle Lychnomancy Divination

STEP 1: Set up your altar, cleanse and cast your circle.

STEP 2: Set up 3 candles of any colour in your altar in a tight triangle.

STEP 3: Sit calmly with your eyes shut for a couple of minutes… and ask your most important question of the Goddess.

Ask your question out loud. It could be a big problem you need advice with… or your biggest desire that you want to attract to your life…

By way of instance, I’ll be asking, “My husband and I had a disagreement over the past week. Please show me what is to come, and how I can remove any lingering negative energies…”

STEP 4: After thinking about your question for a few minutes… open your eyes and stare at the candles. Try to focus on a point about 6 inches BEHIND the candles.

This will let you translate the flames better.

STEP 5: You will see the flames start to move.

Here’s how to translate the movements:

– If one flame starts burning higher than the others, this is an sign of a very good outcome to your question. You won’t have to do much Magickally to get the result you desire…

– If one candle goes out before the others, it’s going to be difficult for you regarding your query. And you need to work on some spells to improve the situation.

I suggest picking through some of the charms I have sent you in the past. . .and pick out a few that match up with your query and desires.

– When the flames rise and fall consistently, this implies CAUTION. Things are probably not going to go easily in the event you don’t throw some nicely placed spells regarding your question.

Though this isn’t as urgent as a fire going out (above), treat it in the same manner by doing some nicely placed spell work.

– Back and forth flame movements indicate the situation surrounding your query is going to change quickly… and I advise that you wait to see what changes come, and then see what you will need to do Magickally (if anything) at that time.

– When the flames move in spirals, beware of hidden problems and pitfalls about the situation around your question. I suggest doing some additional divinations and scrying to show these hidden problems before you do anything else.

– If the flames do nothing but flicker sometimes, you can be extremely positive about the outcome of your question, and everything will work out in your best interests… just sit back and enjoy life in the coming weeks, and see things improve in your life.

Blessed be

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