Lamia Ritual A


This is not a spell that is vampire. It is to be a semi-aquatic lamia (individual with a snake tail). Best performed during a full moon after moonrise, a new moon, or an eclipse. You can use this in conjunction with the chant that is repeated.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Snake totem 2 teal candles (to represent the water and duality) White candle Blue candle (more water symbolism, connection to higher powers, calming and meditative) Black candle Incense or spray to create a good mood (optional) Gemstones (optional, scatter them around the area)

Casting Instructions for ‘Lamia Ritual A’

Make a pentagram. The top point is that the blue candle, then the white and black candles at the outer two things, then the bottom two will be the teal candles. Light them all, then mild any incense you might have. Set the snake totem in the center and say:
Goddess of serpents and moon on the rise,
Watch me over with your eyes
Since the circle is blazed alight
Scale my legs with holy light.
As the blue ocean rolls
Pierce me through and make me whole
Breathe from the aqueous air
Serpents magick and glare that is slitted
Speed of sun and moon
Stars together, falling shortly
At my will and moonbent glee
Lamia I will forever be.

Now pick up the snake totem and envision your legs fusing together and being covered in the scales of a snake in the colors you desire. Also pick the color of your eyes on your lamia form. Focus hard on the feeling of your thighs fusing and melding into a tail, how it would feel. Force that sensation. When you,re finished focusing, blow off or snuff all the candles.

Side effects:

Sensations of legs fusing to a tail

Legs sticking together

Desire to exercise and be in nature

Phantom tail

Pains and migraines on legs

Cat eyes

Eyes changing colour

Running faster

More agile

More fluid movements

Better swimming ability

Water affinity

Wish to meditate longer, deeper meditations

Connection to snake energy

Deep demand for your tail and also to use it

Holding breath longer

Outcomes: As a lamia, you’ll have the ability to manifest the tail you envisioned at will. With it will come eyes like a cat in the colour you wanted. When your tail isnt out, your eyes will probably be normal. You will have a lot of superhuman abilities: strength, speed, agility, flexibility, flowmotion, underwater breathing, pain resistance, intellect, and senses. Breathing underwater will feel like breathing exceptionally refreshing air, and your eyes and ears won’t ever be filled with water, as if there is an invisible field around them. You can hear things submerged as well as possible on land. It will be far easier to learn types of water manipulation, and to a lesser extent easier to learn shapeshifting, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, or telekinesis. You will also have a hypnotic voice and be a terrific dancer and manipulator.

Lamias can synergize with: Avian (wings likely cant lift you while your tail is out but you can try), Shapeshifter (all form shapeshifters can even use incompatible-with-lamia forms due to their form command, but they’ll be more difficult to use), Fae (it will be somewhat hard but not impossible), Vampire (I dont see why that wouldnt work), and kemono/other mostly humanoid forms (although tails might not work).

Lamias CANNOT synergize with: Mermaids (tails battle), Sirens, Scylla (same reasons as mermaid), anything super small (too much mass in the tail to convert to something tiny like a cat), particular shifters (some shifters have sharply determined paths that they cant stray from).

Anything else youll probably have to try for yourself. I may be wrong about some of these, so that you can try them yourself.

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