Invoking the Household Gods


This ritual is best performed during the Waxing Moon. It might be considered a kind of birthday party, so feel free to include food and drink as part of it, if you so want.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Pine cones, ivy, holly, or something similar -Symbol appropriate to your guardian (e.g. a crescent moon for the Moon Goddess) Small statues of deer or other forest animals An incense that reminds you of herbs, forests and green growing things Green candle in a holder Your wand

Casting Instructions for ‘Invoking the Household Gods’

Decorate the area around your guardian symbol with the greenery and smaller statues.

Wash the guardian symbol so that there is no dust or dirt on it.

If the symbol is small enough place it on the altar leave it nearby.

Light the incense and candle. Stand before your altar and say: Guardian spirits,
I invite you to join me.
You’re my friends and I wish to thank you.

Take the incense and circle the guardian symbol three times, moving clockwise and say: Thank you for the help you give to keep this house clean and pleasant.

Move the candle clockwise around the symbol three times and say: Thank you for the light you send to purify this space and dispel the darkness.

With the wand in the hand you believe most powerful, encircle the symbol again three times clockwise and say: I ask for the help and protection for me, my
Family and all who live herein.
I ask that you eliminate trouble makers of all sorts,
incarnate and discarnate.
I thank you for your love and understanding.

Stand with your arms upraised. Call upon your own deity and state: [Name of deity] I now invoke the guardian of the
Family whom I have invited into my dwelling.
I honor it in this emblem of its being.
I ask a boon and I add my thanks for the
protection and friendship.

If you have more than one guardian, alter the its for their so on. Spend a few moments caressing the emblem, sending out the thought that the guardian is valuable to you.

Be aware of the subtle changes in air which occur as the protective spirits become part of your environment.

Finally, thank the unseen participants.

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