I Don’t Remember You


To forget.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Picture or drawing of the person you want to forget Pencil and paper Eraser Any way to dispose of this picture and paper (fire, paper shredder, garbage)

Casting Instructions for ‘I Don’t Remember You’

Get the picture/drawing of the individual and set it in front of you. Get the peice of paper and pencil and wright their first and last name. Now chant in my memory, you dont belong. In my memory, you shall be gone 3 times. Then pick up the eraser and erase the first letter of the first name and state first name, I wont remember and erase the rest of it.

Now erase the initial letter of the last name and say last name will be dismembered and erase the remainder of the last name. Now take the pencil and write forget, forget. I wont remember. Forget forget, every letter 5 times. Time reverse the paper upside down and look at the picture. Now chant who are you? I dont recall you. Who are you? I dont recall you. I never understood, so who are you? Who are you? 3 times, and pick up the peice of paper. Read the words you had written out loud and crumple up the paper and the image.

Now either burn them, shred them in a paper shredder and throw them in the garbage, or split them up and toss it away. If you are feeling like youll end up regretting your choice, then keep every last peice so you can put it back together if you find yourself regretting it.

The spell may end up being broken when you see their face, so try to not think about them after casting the spell. Should you end up seeing them again, chant. Who are you, I never understood. Stay that way, you will do. Over and over in your head, or whisper it until you no longer see their face and forget about ever seeing them. You wont forget them immediately, so try doing it on the weekend. It wont work if you constantly think about the spell. You will forget them within a couple of days.

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