Heaven’s Thunder and the Fire of Hell


It, if throw properly, summons magickal lightning from heaven and black flame from hell. It’s sensible to contact spirits with high experience and knowledge to get their information on casting it.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Heaven’s Thunder and Hell’s Fire’

Before casting this spell, please note: It should only be used in times of great distress. This spell can be very dangerous to you if used improperly. If you feel you are not experienced enough, please don’t try to cast this spell.
Now then: to start the spell, pull as much magickal energy as possible (without hurting yourself or becoming dizzy/tired) out of your self in a type of bubble around you. Next, concentrate with all your might on 3 things: keeping your energy around you, black flames appearing in a circle around you, and a lightning storm over you. You might feel a rumbling sensation deep in your bones; that is because you may haven’t handled magick of the power before. Dont worry; if you’ve got enough experience and understand how all magick acts, you WILL NOT be harmed.

Is warmth all around you. Do not be alarmed. That feeling is the magickal flames. Since they have been conjured by YOUR energy, they won’t affect YOU.

Now… what should happen then is the clouds above you will send a bolt of lightning down, making a cage made of lightning around you. That’s the lightning shield; in case you walk around it’ll move with you. Do note, however, that illusion spells can still pass, if they’re powerful enough. If you are trapped in an illusion that the spell will fall apart and you’ll lose about 70 percent of the energy you used. The rest will go back inside you. That’s pretty much all there is to it, except the fact that the lightning shield will occasionally send outward small bolts that hurt.

Do not use this spell for tactics that are offensive. It’s not supposed to kill, just as an ultimate defense. If you ever choose to cast this spell, I wish you all the luck.

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