Control Fire


This charm is somewhat dangerous not only to you, but others you may hurt using this charm.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Open Fire (Reccomended Outdoors) Strong faith Believe in magic You dont have to have any magical experience!

Casting Directions for ‘Control Fire’

Gather yourself outside around an open flame, and clear your mind.
Step 1: Release your elemental spirit
Once youve cleared your mind, set it on fire, and fire only. Think about the colour of fire, the significance of fire, the shape of fire, and especially how it’s to be the fire. You may release your elemental soul. There are just 5, fire, water, wind, ice, and snow. You will feel an unknown feeling in your thoughts, as if there’s someone or something next to you.
Step 2: Be the flame
This step is easy, stare into the depths of the flame for at least a moment. This provides you with mental memory of fire. Now, to control fire, you must tell the flame which you’re going to use it. If you dont, fire will bite you. Simply chant to the fire,

My bridge is breaking, I shalt stand on yours. Whether yours is breaking or not, may it be my path to your doors.

Once you do this step, you must imagine a bridge from you to the fire. As you connect, be the fire, binding with you.
Step 3: Control
This is somewhat hard, but it requires really strong faith in magic. Slowly move your hands over the fire, as the fire will almost touch your skin. Feel the heat, feel yourself being accepted to a different world of fire. Then turn your palms over with your palms facing up into the skies and the back of your hand facing the flame. Close your eyes. Fist your hands slowly and raise them. You will feel extreme pain in your hand, something heavy. Youll feel as if you cant lift it, but bear in mind, have strong faith. Then immediately cup both of your hands as if you were grabbing something, open your hands and open your eyes. There will be a fire between both of your palms. If you dont see the flame, you will have to continue practicing. If you do have the flame, be gentle with it. Should you move your hands around too much, it may be unstable and possibly become into a flame psi ball. You will feel the control over you and what you can do with the flame. Because, you’re the fire.

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