This spell calls on incantation; candle, representational and areas. It’s best performed in the New Moon, since you are trying to bring about new ways of relating to individuals and also hoping to meet new friends.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Several sheets of paper
Jasmine, lavender or patchouli oil
A white candle

Casting Directions for ‘Friendship’

Anoint the candle with a few drops of this oil. Inscribe the Ogham Stave forfriendship, Ur the candle on it, then have a ritual cleansing bath. Anoint yourself with more of the oil paying particular attention. Draw a figure and take 1 sheet of paper it does not have to be art that is good.

Make sure your sex is recognisable.Write underneath the figure all those attributes which make you a good companion e.g. funny, bubbly, inquisitive etc.. On the other pieces of paper draw representations of both women and men and the interests you would like them to have that are similar to yours.

Hold between your hands the newspaper that represents you, together with all the newspapers making sure the drawings confront one another.

Say each time:

Let us meet each other Let us greet each other Let’s become friends Let us become companions And if we grow to love one another so be it.

Place a drop of oil. Now spread out the papers in front of you and picture a connection to all theothers from youlike a web and state:

Spider Woman, Spider Woman, weave me a charm Make me good enough, smart them all to disarm.

Now let the candle burn out. You should discover that friends appear before the next New Moon. All life can be considered a network, and each individual is a strand within that community. Spider Woman is a North American goddess who weaves charms and reveals the power and the goal of each strand.She keeps you aware of the value of these connections in your life.

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